General recommendations for cleanliness and disinfection
Systematic and proper cleaning with the usual procedure (use of detergent, water and mechanical abrasion) and disinfection of surfaces and objects in health care areas, is crucial. It is noted that spraying the area or nebulizing as a method of disinfection is not recommended.

The basic principles of cleanliness and disinfection apply to the cleanliness and disinfection of premises and equipment, which every health care facility should have established by applying the necessary procedures regarding:


  • the manner of cleaning and disinfection, including the use of appropriate personal protective equipment, as appropriate;

  • the types / categories and quantities of cleaners and disinfectants used depending on the space, surface or equipment and the required level of disinfection (high, medium, low),

  • the management of cleaning equipment and

  • staff training.

All surfaces potentially contaminated with SARS-CoV-2 virus (including objects) should first be cleaned with neutral detergent and water and thoroughly rubbed and then - after drying - disinfected [2], depending on compatibility of the material in the disinfectant, with:
Disinfectant preparation, with proven action against invertebrates, approved by the competent bodies, always following the manufacturer's instructions and national legislation, regarding the effective (application for as long as recommended) and safe use of the product,


Fresh sodium hypochlorite solution with a concentration of 0.1-0.5% (1000 ppm - 5000 ppm of available chlorine) for at least 1 minute, depending on the area, the desired level of disinfection and the procedures of the sanitary unit.
In case the initial concentration of sodium hypochlorite is 5%, the final concentration of 0.1% (1000 ppm of available chlorine) is achieved with a dilution of 1:50 (20ml: 1000ml). Respectively the final concentration of 0.5% (5000 ppm of available chlorine) is achieved by diluting 1:10 (100ml: 1000ml).

In case the initial concentration of sodium hypochlorite is different from 5% the calculation of the required dilution for a final concentration of 0.1% - 0.5% (1000 ppm - 5000 ppm of available chlorine) is obtained with the following formula:
[% initial concentration of sodium hypochlorite ∕% desired final concentration] - 1 = Total parts of water for each part of sodium hypochlorite] [3].

Ethanol-based solution, in a concentration of 70-80%, for at least 1 minute, especially for surfaces that are likely to be damaged by the use of sodium hypochlorite or some other disinfectant.